Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why not a decent NAS? (1)

There were a few things that I was reading/doing recently which led me think in this way.


MS researchers published a paper where they explains how a torrent session can be transferred from a Vista to a NIC on the same machine. This NIC runs Linux on ARM.


A FreeBSD flavour that has only storage related functionalities. I downloaded the image for x86 and ran it under qemu. Checked the page on a browser. Except for a few, it was running almost the same functions that my laptop/TC was running.


We currently provide support for EDMS in a few organisations. However, their requirements are simpler. Alfresco is really an overkill. This can be simplified.

4. The High power - Low power boards

Yes. There is a bunch of such boards which consume very low power yet have reasonably powerful processors and fast NICs. I recently setup an always on home server using a VIA board and cheap USB drives. The system is running for days together without any complaint. No cooling, no maintenance!

FreeNAS is a nice solution. But I am little too old to learn FreeBSD now (Might correct this statement in future :) ). I am planning to make a Linux NAS server. Got a call from someone. Rest later.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Updated it...

Friday, April 24, 2009

mysql commands (2)

This is perhaps the most useful command in mysql that I have come across till now.

describe table_name;
This command will describe the contents of the table. Then it is very easy to insert the contents into the table.
insert into table_name ( var1,var2,var3) values (val1,val2,val3);
Next post after my current experiment :)