Sunday, April 24, 2011

Google fined USD 5 million for using patented code in Linux kernel

Very interesting news. I am still not really sure if this is part of mainline. However, considering the fact that the holder was able to analyse the code and ascertain that it was there in the Google's server's kernel indicates it was surely there on the public domain whether it was a custom piece of code written by Google engineers or not. This is surely something very interesting thing to happen and it would be very interesting to see if Google takes it beyond district court and what exactly happens to this case at the end

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Build error on Android rowboat

I was building the code for TI omap3evm and I found that on FC14, I was getting the error from the make file of kernel. It told "Mixed implicit and normal rules". On a bit of googling, I found

The file "hardware/ti/sgx/GFX_Linux_KM/eurasiacon/build/linux/omap3630_android/kbuild/../../kbuild/Makefile.kbuild" need to be modified as follows:

Change "all %:" to
    (Build command)
    (Build command)