Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fips opessl

I was cross compiling this. The strangest thing about this is that it cannot be cross compiled. Because, they generate programs, run them, get signature from the programs and use that signature to compile them again!

I did that by little bit effort. What I am now looking at is the possibility of having it compiled inside qemu. Anyway, this is what I did
1. Configure for linux-ppc with compiler, prefix and ranlib specified during this step
2. Find and replace ar using powerpc ar in all makefiles
3. Make and when it breaks during sha1 calculation, replace the binary that does sha1 caculation with an x86 equivalent and complete this step
4. Make again and when it tries to execute openssl/tests, replace the necessary statements in fipsld with read function and supply the signatures for each program after taking them to target and running them there once
Well, another issue that I noticed with this package is that it does not behave well with parallel builds. I will post here again if I can compile this in Qemu. I am planning to use FC12 ARM/PPC for this.