Saturday, April 28, 2007


I am Suseelan B Sarin, a software engineer from Bangalore, India. For a long time I wanted to start a Linux blog. I don't claim to be a Linux scholar. But I simply like to use Linux. I re-invented this truth very recently when I saw that I could, with more or less minimal effort, setup ClearCase 7.0 server & client on Fc-5 for my office project while our system admin team still struggles with it even after 2 weeks. (I would have helped them. But they pissed me off in the initial stages & now I have completely deserted them so that they can have fun with with their own woes)

Yesterday I wrote a script to upload build logs from CC to a local web server and I really enjoyed it. I wrote it in bash & I plan to put some time into it and convert it into a PERL script. Now, why I am I posting it here? Its simply because these incidents have brought me back to Linux. In past four years, my only acquaintance with Linux was maintaining a forum and discussion board for my office. Now I plan to take one more dip in that vast ocean. Keep watching this space to find if I will drown or will come back with some precious pearls

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