Sunday, May 25, 2008

Installing F9

I had installed Fedora using qemu on a file a while back. I wanted it on my thumb drive also. The immediate solution that came to my mind was
qemu -cdrom f9.iso -hda /dev/sdb -m 256 -boot d

This worked fine till it started installing selinux targeted policy. Then it hung (crashed?). I tried to get rid of it by de-selecting some packages. But, I could not find selinux related packages in the customization list. So, I decided to pass enforcing=0 to kernel. Installing the package should not have caused a difference if the policy was not enforcing. I have no idea why, but, even that did not work.

Currently I am trying to install it using yum. Will post the details once I am done with it.

yum -c yum.conf --disablerepo=livna --disablerepo=fedora --disablerepo=updates --disablerepo=openswan --enablerepo=Fedora9 --installroot=/mnt install coreutils
yum -c yum.conf --disablerepo=livna --disablerepo=fedora --disablerepo=updates --disablerepo=openswan --enablerepo=Fedora9 --installroot=/mnt install vim
yum -c yum.conf --disablerepo=livna --disablerepo=fedora --disablerepo=updates --disablerepo=openswan --enablerepo=Fedora9 --installroot=/mnt install rpm
yum -c yum.conf --disablerepo=livna --disablerepo=fedora --disablerepo=updates --disablerepo=openswan --enablerepo=Fedora9 --installroot=/mnt install kernel
yum --disablerepo=updates --enablerepo=fedora --installroot=/mnt install grub

You will see that the last line is a bit different. This is because, previous line had installed yum and the new repos defined by the newly installed yum was used.

Fedora9 is my local Fedora9 repo created from rpms found in install DVD.

I could have done all these in one step.
yum -c yum.conf --disablerepo=livna --disablerepo=fedora
--disablerepo=updates --disablerepo=openswan --enablerepo=Fedora9
--installroot=/mnt install coreutils vim rpm kernel grub

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