Sunday, August 9, 2009

Presentation database

My wife asked me for this simple application which will store and display the details of daily presentations that they do at their department. Well, I can create a simple text interface in C and it will not even take me an hour to complete. But, there are constraints.

1. This has to be a graphical application
2. This has to be usable by non-geeks
3. This has to run on MS Windows!
4. This has to be searchable

I was thinking of many things. Till requirement 3, I can manage with some vague wiki/CMS software. (Say twiki with table plugin). However, that is surely not going to be user friendly. I have been recently been working on Java. But, my Java skills are not that good. Besides Java will be a overkill for such a simple application.

It is at this point I noticed sqlite. (Well, this has pained me through firefox cookie database once before this). When I read about it, I found that it has a good tcl API. So, thats it! sqlite+tcl/tk!

I have just started. Will keep updating this space as and when I progress.

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