Friday, July 30, 2010

Google Cloud printing

Today we had a demo of Google cloud print. There were two teams which participated in the cloud demo. The first one made a client for the printer. It was an inbuilt client and we had our first "Web enabled" printer. We could submit a job at Google cloud service and the printer will fetch it and print. The interesting part was that it was done on the legacy printer.

The second one was an adobe AIR application that we developed and we in fact developed two application. We developed a proxy where one can register the legacy printers to cloud and an application which will allow a user to submit a print job to cloud. We demoed both the applications to our management.

There is one more application that we developed. This allows a user to e-mail a document to an address and the document will get printed on a given printer. The beauty of this application is that the printer does not have to be web enabled. The application works from a PC and does the job of submitting the print jobs to printer

Btw, I just noticed this; I was posting from chrome browser and when I tried to enter the tags, it was automatically selecting some tags for me. I tried to tag it with print and when I put a coma there, it changed the tag to suggested "Serial printer" tag (must be from my old tag cloud). Same way, it was replacing the "Cloud" with cloud computing etc. Had to put fight to make it understand that I am a superior intelligent being ;)

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