Sunday, September 12, 2010

$35 tablet

Well, today I saw this news about $35 tablet

As per that page, governments claim of developing a tablet here in India is false. The blogger claims that the tablet is imported from China. But, the government claims that it is developed by a student in Vellore. Now, have a closer look at the Chinese one

If you see that closely, this device is based on ARM11. It has 256MB RAM. Well, I have been looking for the specs of the Indian tablet. Guess what I found:

The device seen there is very much speculated to be the Indian device that is priced at $35. However, that seem to be something made by a private company and not by universities or government. More details of this can be found here:

If that were the device which Mr. Sibal was talking about, then it is pretty clear that there is a difference in the processor itself (this one uses ARM9, i.MX233) and they are indeed different apart from the plastic out side. Sadly, I could not find more details on the stuff Mr. Sibal was talking about. The best I could get was this:

Well, now I am confused. What is the spec of the stuff that government is going to bring out? Who is this AllGo guy? Did the student after making it at campus go and join this AllGo? Was this a reference design that Freescale or someone like that floated and everyone copied? Did the student who designed it, copy the stuff from somewhere else?

The government tablet seems to have 3G support and 2G RAM. The AllGo one does not have 3G and the RAM is only 128MB. Well, I really doubt 2G RAM is a mistake. Else that itself will cost > $35. May be its 2GB flash.Well, I think I will wait for a while till more information is available.

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