Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Is JIO doctoring speed tests?

Well, it was only last week when one of my friend showed me the speed test app of jio reported over a few mbps as the download speed where as the app by TRAI showed the speed as 0.05mbps.

Today, I noticed something bizarre. I was watching youtube videos and suddenly speed went down and the videos started buffering. In a few seconds, i got a message from jio pay. I understood what happened and without checking the message, I opened the settings and changed mobile data to my vodafone sim. However, after a few minutes, i realized that it was close to 12am when it happened. So, at 12.03, I switched back to JIO only to find my videos still buffering. Now comes the fun part...

I opened the TRAI speed test app and checked the speed. It was showing 3.88 and 5.82 mbps for download and upload respectively. Something must be wrong. I checked youtube again. No change! It was buffering as before. I had half a mind to call up JIO guys and ask them why is youtube buffering at 3.88 mbps?

Anyway, before I did that, I opened the sms that i had got from JIO pay and checked its contents. Wow! It had news for me!

1. JIO does not restore your speeds at 12am. They do it at 2am
2. Till 2am my speed will be 128kbps

Now the mystery: If my speed was throttled at 128kbps, how did TRAI app read 3.88mbps? I believe this is a clear indication of the fact that JIO is doctoring the speed test results!

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