Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I started learning this on Fedora 10 machine. The first thing that I noticed is qmake is named qmake-qt4. The following are my learnings yesterday.

1. Qt uses concepts of widgets (Which is very common and hence it was easily understandable)
2. Qt has built in layout classes which can be used to decide how you place your widgets in parent window
3. Qt has an assistant called assistant-qt4. This is used for searching and displaying Qt reference documents.
On F10, I found that assistant-qt4 is not able to search any docs as the docs were not installed. I have started installing them. This rpm is 85MB!
4. Qt works on "signals" and "slots"
5. Signals are the events such as mouse clicks
6. Slots are the functions that will be executed when a signal is received

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