Sunday, November 15, 2009

Redoing the world: The google way

Google has been a pioneer in many areas. Be it search, mail or any other web related technology they have been treading paths which were/are avoided by many. Android, Chrome, Gears... the list is endless. About an year back they disclosed the hardware secret of their servers and the power supply used by them. There is something special about this company. They don't stop at getting their business done. But, they go far beyond and make everything they touch (or everything which touches them) their business.

Here are two new things they have disclosed recently. The first one is a programming language. It is called "Go". The more details can be found from this site:

What makes go special? For me these are the things which makes go special
  • Open source
  • Systems language with features from high level languages
  • Created by Rob Pike, Ken Thompson and Robert Griesemer
  • Compilation of code written in GO is much faster
Well, Rob mentioned this is to be used for web servers etc. So, I see a direct business interest for Google. However, many claim that it will take at least an year for this language to mature. Well, we lived with C, Java and C# for decades. who is in a hurry? :)

The second one that I wanted to mention here is the SPDY protocol. The link is below

SPeeDY is the HTTP replacement/enhancement from Google. They claim that page loading times can be improved as much as 55% with the help of this new protocol. They use multiplexed streams, HTTP header compression etc for achieving this. Well, you think this is all trivial and you can do it better? Feel free make suggestions and even modification to code :)

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