Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tech Trends

I am looking at new trends in technology which I would like to closely follow. Of course, I am going to be biased by what I do in real life.

Here is a quick list of items that I want to skim through and then short list a few. I will then deep dive into few of them to find the possibilities.


They say that there will be more than 300M+ which are DLNA enabled by the year 2012. The seamless interaction of these devices are going to be a really new experience. Well, certain things need to be experienced before they are being judged.

I recently moved from 256kbps internet connection to 512kbps. The differences are dramatic. I am sure I could have never thought about these possibilities and experience when I was on 256kbps. The entire thought process would have been crippled by my experience so far. I believe its going to be the same for DLNA. You think of DLNA as something, and you will experience it as something else when you have 300M+ devices using it tomorrow.

2. Cloud computing

This has to somehow happen. It is happening. The likes of Google, Amazon, HP, Microsoft are pushing it. The day is not far when you move your applications to internet along with your data. The interoperability between various cloud apps and their desktop counterparts are aiming and promoting exactly this. As part of this, there will be higher synergy between various www sites.

Another offshoot of this will be tremendous growth in mobile computing and related technologies such as wireless technologies such as 3G, WiFi and WIMAX.

3. Augmented Reality

I need to pay more attention to this. This is still a fantasy for many. But not for all. I will study this further in coming days and then form my opinion on this.

These are also

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