Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flash plugin on 64 bit Chome OS running on Fedora 13 64 bit

I installed chrome and told me that I don't have flash installed
On going to adobe flash page, they told me that it has to be there as I am using chrome and I just need to enable it
about:plugins on chrome told me that it is not there :(
Now, what do I do? The answer follows

1. Download the 64 bit flash plugin preview from adobe (See my previous post)
2. Copy to a preferred location (I copied it to /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins)
3. Edit ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences file and add the section shown in reverse video
4. Restart chrome and don't mind about it complaining about issues with config getting corrupted. You will see new entry for flash when you do about:plugins

5. Just go to youtube and start watching your favourite videos :)

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