Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was watching #fossdotin till late into the night yesterday. I usually don't like/do social networking much. But, I could not resist this one. The channel showed a mixture of energy, enthusiasm, nostalgia and anguish. Kudos to all those who have made this happen.

Though I left early yesterday, I don't feel bad about it. There was surely a certain pleasure about being able to create that electrified environment in my mind sitting all alone in my room with my eyes glued to monitor and fossdotin channel on twitter. Such thought streams are usually far from the imperfections of reality and hence stronger and sweeter.

I saw the picture of team FOSS.IN in one of the tweets. My immediate thought was "most of them are kids". But, what they have achieved is tremendous. Probably the reason why they could achieve all these was that they were "kids" - People with Free and Open minds. Hats off to the this team and their leader who is now really proven to be "Atul".

I saw a few tweets about rekindling FOSS.IN again next year. I think that should only be done with the full consent of Atul Chitnis. This person has become the hero of the event and hijacking the event from him (for whatever reason it may be) is simply going to be cruel. After all, you can start your own FOSS event. Isn't that what the "Free as in Freedom" signifies?

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